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We train and guide you to find innovative solutions that accelerate your entire sales channel. You’ll discover how to provide a strong and clear framework to create more demand, more profit and new business opportunities in Europe.

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Looking for greater response from your European audience?

Does your sales and marketing approach need total revitalisation?
Do you have individual topics to address that slow down sales performance?

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We have the perfect program for any business looking for a stronger connection with its European customer base.



Interrogate business potential.
Define and reach your ultimate goal.

We support you to create an amazing and consistent brand experience across Europe. By aligning the efforts of both classic and digital channels, you can access the new buying behaviour of your audience.

Operating independently and objectively, we provide an unfiltered and unbiased view of the market and an external viewpoint to internal challenges. We empower you to create strategies that eliminate causes rather than battle the effects.

We are marketing and sales specialists with experience honed over many years. Our holistic mindset empowers you to create tangible added value through the entire distribution channel. Our know-how accommodates all major business models, with their individual marketing and sales structure and channels.



Introducing the Brandmasterings.

Our transformative and time-saving training programs to engender instant results!

In three distinct courses, we will help you to identify weak spots in your brand experience that hinder growth in Europe. We’ll focus you to explore solutions that have a strong and sustainable impact and that go far beyond more deals, more products and more of everything…

We’ve compiled our comprehensive experience, tools and techniques so you can avoid the most commonplace issues that occur when approaching the European Market. So you can provide a clear and strong framework that helps your partners to sustainably grow their business in Europe.


Our Brandmastering to boost sales performance

Create and increase demand by attracting new customers into the sales funnel and nurture the ones that are still undecided – ahead of your competition.


Our Brandmastering to increase customer lifetime value

Own your market and make more profit by adapting efforts to user behaviour. Get more insights and create an outstanding brand experience that leads to more cash-flow.


Our Brandmastering to break your business away from competition

Create and explore new business opportunities. Expand your efficiency by building up new audiences just waiting for your solutions.


Marketing Management

Deliver the success of your European marketing efforts – hassle-free.

Whether you want effort implemented, new campaigns created or the market prepared for your next innovation, we move things forward when extra push is required!

Our team of experienced experts look after your next project so that you deliver value on time, reduce project risks, and increase quality.

Connected with superb and excellent specialists and creators throughout in Europe, we can generate innovative and unique ideas around how to approach the right customers.

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About Us

It’s our goal to revolutionise the musical instruments and pro audio-, video,- lighting industry, and to bring back the „rock’n’roll“ to their business in Europe.

Since 2012, we’ve helped clients amplify customer relations, redirecting them towards a higher demand for product and greater brand value, whilst breaking them away from direct competition.

At BrandPace we work ‘hand in glove’ with our clients, providing the highest level of confidentiality to command trust and an openness in which valuable insights can be fruitfully assessed and actioned. We treat stakeholders with empathy and respect. We understand their needs and work in partnership with them.

Headquartered in Germany, BrandPace benefits from a “native” European perspective and efficient access to the region’s markets and distribution channels. Operating independently and objectively, its team continuously analyses consumer behaviour to develop an unfiltered and unbiased view of Europe’s diverse markets and cultures.

Benjamin Klempel
European Brand Consultant & CEO


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